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Tree of Life Youth Group offers a fun, relaxed environment for teens between 7th and 12th grade. It is a time to spend time with one another and learn about the foundational truths of Christianity. Our vision is to model what it looks like to live a Christian life to our students, and to build lasting relationships with each of them as we do it.

The atmosphere of Tree of Life’s Youth Group is similar to a Home Group. We meet a few times a month to study a curriculum that is Jesus centered and discuss topics that are relevant to teenagers. We also offer different group activities that allow our students to have fun outside of the classroom. Have your teen stop in and visit us; we look forward to seeing them soon!

We typically meet at the Tree House at 1090 Franklin St, Carlisle PA on the first and third Sundays of every month at 6pm; however, be sure to check the calendar and the schedule below for an updated schedule. For more information, simply use the contact form below or call us at (717) 241-5920. We look forward to hearing from you!

Current Series Overview

Life is full of rules and labels of “good” and “bad.” We can be tempted to follow the rules and look “good” on the outside. Isn’t being good, good enough? Jesus calls us to a much better life than keeping tabs on a score sheet—He calls us to truly experience change on the inside.

This three-lesson series will allow you to explore what it means to be “good” and consider why it’s not enough to give us an abundant life here on earth and an eternal life in heaven.


  • WHAT: God’s rules show how life works best, but it’s a growing relationship with Jesus instead of just being a rule-keeper that provides an abundant life.
  • WHY: Jesus knows we’re human and make mistakes; what’s most important is a genuine life journey with Him.
  • HOW: You will explore passages from Scripture to learn about rules and see what Jesus said about rules and life with Him.

Current Series Schedule

May 20 – Lesson 1: What is Good? (Exodus 20:1-17)

We have rules in every area of life. People often think that if they follow the rules, they’re considered “good.” Breaking the rules is considered “bad.” Rules are intended to protect us and others, but sometimes they can be frustrating or limiting. It’s helpful to understand the reasoning behind the rules. God gave Moses—and all of us—instructions for life that were intended for good: how to live, how to be close to Him, and how to be fulfilled. As we will discuss in this lesson, these rules show us how life works best, but following the rules does not make us “good.”

June 3 – Lesson 2: Depend on Jesus (Matthew 19:16-22)

Jesus spoke with a rich man who wanted to be sure he would have eternal life. He’d done all the right things—he’d kept all the rules. What else did he need to do? Jesus sought to set him straight. A life with Christ isn’t focused on rules; it’s focused on a growing relationship with Jesus. Being good isn’t enough. Jesus wants to be at the center of our lives. We were created to live in community with Him. To do this, sometimes we need a fresh start rather than trying to add an extra good deed here and there.

June 10- Lesson 2: Be Genuine (Luke 18:9-14)

We want to be seen as good—good at sports, good at school, good at relationships, good in our walk with Jesus. To be seen as good, we sometimes inflate the truth about ourselves or concentrate on the rules we do follow—while skipping over our challenges. Instead of taking this approach, we can recognize that it’s a matter of the heart. Jesus wants us to lead lives of authenticity.


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