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Tree of Life Youth Group offers a fun, relaxed environment for teens between 7th and 12th grade. It is a time to spend time with one another and learn about the foundational truths of Christianity. Our vision is to model what it looks like to live a Christian life to our students, and to build lasting relationships with each of them as we do it.

The atmosphere of Tree of Life’s Youth Group is similar to a Home Group. We meet a few times a month to study a curriculum that is Jesus centered and discuss topics that are relevant to teenagers. We also offer different group activities that allow our students to have fun outside of the classroom. Have your teen stop in and visit us; we look forward to seeing them soon!

We meet at the Tree House at 1090 Franklin St, Carlisle PA on the first and third Sundays of every month at 6pm. For more information, simply use the contact form below or call us at (717) 241-5920. We look forward to hearing from you!

Current Series Overview

Does true leadership involve a position of influence, an exercise of power, or an opportunity to get ahead in life? Does it bring glory and gain to the leader? Or is true leadership something different altogether?

This four-lesson series will engage you in conversations about what it means to lead like Jesus—by serving like Jesus. You’ll discover how Jesus served people sacrificially, doing unglamorous work and caring for their needs. And you’ll see how you can express Jesus’ love through your own actions.


  1. WHAT: Jesus presented a leadership model that’s quite different from what society promotes.
  2. WHY: Although society values leadership through personal glory and gain, Jesus sets an example of sacrificial service in the best interest of others.
  3. HOWBy exploring various Scripture passages that reveal Jesus’ ideas about servant leadership, teenagers will consider what it means to serve like Jesus and offer his love to other people.

Current Series Schedule

February 18 – Lesson 1: Leading by Serving (Matthew 20:20-28)

In our society, the idea of leadership has become a bit distorted. The greatest leaders, it’s often thought, are those who rise above others or have the most followers. These concepts of leadership are tempting because they offer glory to the person who “lords” power over others. But what if the secret to true greatness rests in the practice of making others greater? This is the manner of leadership that Jesus taught his disciples in Matthew 20. When two disciples tried to work some angles for more influence in God’s kingdom, Jesus presented an alternative that involved serving others, not being served.
March 4 – Lesson 2: Doing the Dirty Work (John 13:1-17)
Leadership, according to Jesus, has everything to do with serving others, even in the most detestable work. This is the manner of leadership he taught his disciples in John 13, on a night when he understandably might have chosen a different path for himself. Right before he was crucified, Jesus shunned the power that was rightfully his; instead, he chose to perform a demeaning task for the benefit of his disciples. Following his example shows that we belong to Jesus.
March 18 – Lesson 3: Doing the Common Work (John 21:1-14)
It’s tempting to think that leadership involves big decisions and elaborate events. But through a common, ordinary chore, Jesus showed his disciples that significant life-change can occur through small acts of service. In John 21, after his resurrection, Jesus cared for his disciples by preparing them a simple meal—fish fried over a fire and some bread. For the disciples, the scene left a memorable impression about Jesus’ leadership style.
April 8 – Lesson 4: Showing Real Love (1 John 3:1115-19)
The good news of the gospel is that Jesus gave his life for us because he loves us. He also calls his followers to be people of love, extending his love to those around us. How can we approach people in hate when Jesus gave up his life for them in love? Jesus said showing love to others is how the world can tell we’re his disciples.


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