Dave and Becky Herr

Senior Elders

Pastor Dave Herr became a Believer in Christ and a Son of God as a result of a Lay Witness Missions weekend at the Newville Church of the Brethren in 1974.

He is the husband of Becky and father of two daughters, Brittni and Karlyn. Two sons, Kelly and Adam, have been added to the family over the years through marriage to their daughters, as well as 3 grandsons Jacoby, Jesse and Levi.

Pastor Dave is the Founding Elder and Senior Pastor at Tree of Life Church of Carlisle, which celebrated its 20 year anniversary in January 2016.

Pastor Dave was an employee of the Kinney Shoe Corporation Manufacturing Division, where he worked in the engineering and design departments for 28 years.

He believes his highest calling is to be a Christ-Like husband and father, and from a passion for that foundational call, all other areas of service to the Kingdom come forth.


Becky attended church regularly as a child, but she did not give her life to Christ until 1973 while attending a small revival service.

Becky’s calling in ministry has always been to support her husband in whatever capacity she could throughout the years.  Although Becky worked successfully in the corporate world for over 30 years her heart has always been focused on family.  Becky is extremely close to her two daughters and she strives to make her sons-in-law feel equally special.  One of Becky’s greatest blessings and privileges in life has been to watch their three grandsons since they have been small babies.  Along with the joy of her children and grandchildren, Becky so appreciates the time she’s afforded with Pastor Dave as they minister together and the joys they share in counseling married couples.

Becky’s love for family spills over into the church as she views the church as an extension of their own family given to them by God to love and care for wholeheartedly.


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